Thursday, September 1, 2011

James Marshall

I am also a big fan of James Marshall. I find people either love or hate his work. Some people think his books about the Stupids and his Miss Nelson books can be, well stupid but I love all his work. I think of him as the Roald Dahl of picture books-devilishly clever and a bit naughty. I am especially a fan of his George and Martha hippo books and his two children's novels.

Did you know he wrote two novels (short but still novels)? My favorite was called Talking Care of Carruthers. You should go and find this book if you can!

I got to work with James when I was at Houghton Mifflin and told him not only about me being a huge fan but how I especially loved his novels and wished he would write more. I was very surprised and happy when he sent a note back a package with pages and pages from his sketch books! I'll show some here. Just shows you how kind these artists all are!

He left us way too early.

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  1. How very special and touching, Jeff. I really like his books too.